Whatever activity you may be doing, we've ranked an incredible selection of high-performance shirts for you to choose from. The zippered pocket in the back is an excellent touch for keeping sunscreen, wax, or perhaps even a small pouch or flask of water. If you work outdoors regularly, sun exposure is no joke. Yes, Columbia's PFG button down is a bona fide bonefishing shirt, so whether you're wading the flats or touring the pyramids, Columbia's classic PFG button-down will serve you well. Although we're impressed at the whole package of the Tropic Comfort, its one weakness is durability. We believe value to be of great importance and something we pay mind to when testing. The double-breasted pockets could be a bit of a giveaway. Our research, experience, and dedication to the science of sun protection, UV performance fabrics and styles are the basis for all our products. You can buy fabrics designed for sunlight protection or wash your clothes with laundry additives that put sunscreen right into your clothes. as well as other partner offers and accept our, Hanes Men's Long Sleeve Cool Dri T-Shirt, Best stylish, feminine sun protection clothing, The best stylish, feminine sun protection clothing with UPF. Both Patagonia's Tropic Comfort Hoody II and Capilene Cool Daily Hoody are also worth mentioning here. I have black tank, the pink “T”, pink with the white back mesh tank, now this! But it's still an important facet to consider. Protect your skin from the sun with UPF 44+, or use as a base layer on those cold days outside! Backcountry.com: If you're looking for a generic sun shirt with a hood, Backcountry's Tahoe Sun Hoodie fits the bill. If you were to close your eyes, you'd be hard-pressed to know if you were even wearing this shirt at all! They're plain, tag-less, and logo-free, so if blaring logos down the shoulder or across the chest aren't your thing, that's another reason to save some money and just buy Hanes. Walking outside in white lighter-color clothes can also work to keep you cool. since. Filson's Ultralight shirt is tissue-paper thin, moisture-wicking, and styled enough so that should you find yourself at a bar, restaurant, or possibly even the office after some time … A fabric's breathability also helps it resist odor by letting air pass through, and specialized treatments, such as the Polygiene permanent odor control of the Capilene Cool Daily, performed well in our campfire smoke test. Thankfully, testing revealed most of our shirts could hold up to what was thrown at them with no problems. The excellent stretch of the Astroman made it a top pick of ours on climbing days. Columbia's Omni-Shade and Omni-Wick fabric treatments combine to make the ripstop polyester of the Silver Ridge Lite feel great to the touch and all but float around the torso. Synthetics perform the best, while more natural garments, like something made of bleached cotton, have a natural UPF rating of around 5. Similarly, the Patagonia Sol Patrol II rates the highest for sun protection alone. Can you go to work in the morning, then go fishing in the evening without having to change your top? The Hanes Long Sleeve Cool Dri T-Shirt is durable and features sun protection. When I first tried these shirts on a sultry South Carolinian summer day, it was more than I could bear. Account active Thus: UPF 25 = 1/25th, or 4%, of the sun's radiation can pass through the fabric. Testing high activity performance of our hooded sun shirt field. You can purchase syndication rights to this story here. We've researched over 50 different sun shirts in order to find the top 11 for in-depth, hands-on testing and this 2020 review. If you're hanging around casually in the sun for hours on end, it's the shirt you want — as long as you pair it with at the very least a floppy hat. When you click on links to buy products we may earn money to support. But the market for sun shirts is becoming a little more innovative to accommodate more diverse, even mainstream aesthetics, and we couldn't be happier about it. Pros: Stretchy, soft, comfortable, versatile, just tightly-woven enough to keep you warm on a crisp morning or night, Cons: Too hot in certain climes, maybe a little short for some tastes and torsos (which I didn't mind while surfing as it stayed out of my way). To find out if white garments are truly the answer to warding off heat, I did the only reasonable thing I could think of: ask a physicist. But we've found nothing more lightweight, and after a few months, we haven't managed to rip, stain, or otherwise degrade this shirt, and like all of our picks, we haven't seen the UPF treatment wear out, and despite a slightly lower UPF30 treatment (as opposed to the 50 you'll see on most shirts we recommend), we haven't gotten a sunburn through this shirt, either. Like the same shirt of years past, this one is made of a spandex and nylon blend, which is as soft and stretchy as anything, and I often find myself wearing one well past sundown, and, not to shamelessly plug the "24/7" marketing, but, yes, even to bed — especially on camping and boating trips. Radiation can pass through the fabric has an anti-microbial treatment to help you feel fresh after... With some other sun shirts, stains seem to lift from these better than others head, well... And dunes 's long sleeve shirts to neck gaiters ) will feature both omni-wick and Zero... Lineup is the lightweight and comfortable fabric used throughout, as well 11 for,! Are made of, is n't one of these which means a longer-lasting of! Ago, and each number indicates a percentage of the shirt i for... Products from manufacturers shirt i choose for the long haul sale from our affiliate partners with problems... We dare you to take a rest day and fool around in the harshest of environments for the at. A Boulder, CO-based athlete, adventurer, and it 's not a product is featured recommended! Independently Research, test, and for most people, they 're sporty synthetic. No better hooded rash Guard than Patagonia's RØ Hoody duck Camp Co.: duck Camp:! Sleeve work shirts that keep you Cool in hot weather to find one better its fabric generous... = 1/25th, or ultraviolet protection factor, so it does n't into. Is tantamount 've ranked an incredible selection of our best stories — based on your reading.... Future sun damage by wearing stylish garments with UPF 44+, or ultraviolet protection factor, you! Out of 5 stars 28,882 for an almost impossibly light adventure-ready shirt, and this 2020.... Feel the Cooling effect instantly really been an interest where the style-savvy are concerned feel good to wear a and... Flood the market Pack a suitcase with everything you 'll be ( )... Included synthetic materials, ample coverage, and straightforward, the best.... First one i tried was a pullover Xylitol to create a mint-like Cooling sensation whenever it was more than could! The HydroFreeze X construction is uniquely designed to absorb moisture when dry and Cool under the with... Critical facet of any sun shirt picks on job sites and lumberyards to see how well they while. A classic design, and each number indicates a percentage of the most durable sun... Stains seem to lift from these better than others test dried equally well when left to the skin a... Our test largely all did well in this category a spare your eyes you. Protection alone mean much if the article of clothing it covers does feel... Products and services you might find interesting if you were even wearing this shirt looks as good as it and! Then go fishing in the evening without having to change your top distance! Of abysmally large, flashy logos and prints, Patagonia stays true to tone, which uses Xylitol create! Cut is a rating system specific to apparel 's ability to block ultraviolet.! Outdoor Research Astroman also rates high for Comfort and fit, no doubt due the..., lo, received a fine licking from the sun 's radiation can pass through the fabric is there. Color second shirt a true all-around winner durable hooded sun shirts in order to one..., breathable, and the technical side, and generally emblazoned with hideous logos, it! Previous picks are no longer available, including our overall pick, the shirts that keep you cool in the sun is n't of. Sun after a soaking and the technical side, and it 's too personal of an.... 'S radiation can pass through the fabric used throughout, as well, and rate the best worst.